President’s Message

Welcome to the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (SSAC)!

Founded in 1974, the SSAC is a bilingual non-profit organization dedicated to the examination of the role of the built environment in Canadian society. At the present time, our learned society has approximately 150 enthusiastic members, from backgrounds ranging from academia, the government, public institutions and the private sector.

Throughout the years, we have developed a community that promotes exchange and contributes to the advancement of knowledge in our respective fields of interest, whether it’s architecture and architectural history, landscape architecture, urban planning, heritage conservation, policies, or teaching. We strive to provide high-calibre content in all our activities, and to maintain easy access to our organization. Our activities consist mainly of organizing annual conferences, where our members are invited to present the results of their research, as well as the publication of peer-reviewed articles through the Journal of the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada (JSSAC). We are also very proud to award two prestigious prizes: the Martin Eli Weil prize for the best essay on the role played by the built environment in the Canadian society, and the Phyllis Lambert prize for the best doctoral dissertation or best master’s thesis on the subject of architectural history in Canada. You will find more information on these activities, as well as many other resources by browsing this website.

Our elected Board of Directors is made of volunteer representatives from each province and territory, and executive Officers who collectively look after the business and advancement of our organization. We also have one paid administrator to support the Board, who takes care of multiple tasks.

I was elected president at the 2016 Annual General Meeting, as successor to Dr Peter Coffman, who I would like to thank for his important contributions to the SSAC throughout his two mandates. Trained as an architectural historian, I gained a lot of experience over the years in governmental policies, as well as heritage conservation and commemoration programs. I have wonderful memories from my first SSAC annual conference in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, in 2003, and I remember how I instantly felt welcome. This led me to be involved in the SSAC, to organize various conferences, and play different roles within the Board over the years.

Looking ahead, the SSAC will continue to face many challenges as our areas of expertise and their place within our respective institutions undergo changes, and traditional public funding dries up. These transformations will have an impact on our membership, our audience, our activities, and our practices. It will therefore be important, during my current mandate, to revisit our business model in order to facilitate change and ensure the sustainability of what our members have been building over four decades. To help me deliver this mandate, I can count on a dynamic Board of Directors and passionate members, who believe in both the strength of our past and the possibilities of our society’s future.

I cordially invite you to join our group and participate in the shaping of the study of architecture in Canada.

Nicolas Miquelon
President, Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada