SSAC’s members include individuals, organizations, institutions, and corporations that have a particular interest in architecture in Canada. Among these are architects and archivists, folklorists and geographers, architectural historians and heritage conservationists, planners and public servants, heritage enthusiasts, and students from a wide range of disciplines. The membership brings together people with professional, amateur, and academic interests in the field: people who have made major contributions to the increased awareness of architecture in Canada.

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To join the SSAC is to join an active network of people engaged in various types of architectural work. It is the only group of its kind in Canada for those interested in the study of architecture. In the Journal (which comes free with membership), papers from the Society’s conferences are published as are reports of research in progress, regional activities, and book reviews.

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This year, the Society for the Study of Architecture in Canada will be awarding bursaries to offset student society membership fees to help relieve the financial burden of membership in light of the ongoing public health crisis.

If you are a full- or part-time student registered in a degree-granting program, you may be eligible for a reimbursement. To be considered, please complete this form by June 1, 2021:

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As a volunteer non-profit organization, the SSAC relies on the generosity of donors to support prizes, student travel to conferences, and other general operations. Please see how you can support the Society and the study of architecture in Canada.